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The User Generated Nature of Gaming

Published on June 24, 2020

Distribution Matters

Published on May 26, 2020

YouTube Won't Work

Published on May 03, 2020

Attracting and Retaining Creators

The cornerstone of any platform success revolves around the creators — bring the top-notch abroad and eyeballs will inevitably follow. Then, how do you attract, but most important, retain creators?

Published on April 19, 2020

Empowering Creators

Peeling a slice from a well-established platform is always hard. Your value prop must be unique and the audience large enough to generate the initial momentum. By aligning the creators' interests with those of the viewer we are building a gaming-focused community.

Published on April 02, 2020

Creators Are Struggling

YouTube has become the defacto place for creators to share their content. However, its inner mechanics have created a misalignment between creators' incentives and their audiences.

Published on February 21, 2020

What Gamestry Is About

Gaming has matured and has become mainstream. However, it still lacks a dedicated platform to discover, watch, learn, and talk about video games. The current solutions for both gamers and creators remain subpar. At Gamestry we are ready to seize this opportunity.

Published on February 15, 2020

Hi From Gamestry

Starting on January 1, 2020, I'll be taking on a brand new project. I'll be joining a nascent Gamestry to make it happen: to build the product that would help gamers around the globe become better players.

Published on January 24, 2020