What Gamestry is About

Gaming has matured and has become mainstream. However, it still lacks a dedicated platform to discover, watch, learn, and talk about video games. The current solutions for both gamers and creators remain subpar. At Gamestry we are ready to seize this opportunity.

Last month I wrote about the reasons behind my move from Ironhack to Gamestry. As some readers and listeners from Radio Lanza have pointed out, it was framed from a personal angle, rather than covering the basics.

At first, I thought of writing about the actual “job to be done” straight away. However, the initial idea was getting too long and required context to be fully understood. That’s the reason why I have decided to turn it into a series of short writings about Gamestry.

This is the first one of the series, aimed to cover the elemental: what Gamestry is about.

Reason d’être

Or, why the world needs Gamestry to exist? In short, our conviction is twofold:

  • On one hand, gamers need a unique, clear-cut video platform to discover, watch, learn, and talk about video games.
  • On the other, content creators are eager to share their knowledge and skills with gamers around the world. They additionally deserve the best toolkit to create educative, high quality, effective content while being able to profit from doing so.

An online space that caters to both audiences and where the chance of turning a passion for gaming into a way of making a living is paramount. That is what we are setting out to achieve.

Gaming has matured

Gaming used to be a fringe activity, part of an underground scene. But there’s been a paradigm shift in gaming. The nerdy guy has become the cool guy. The marginalized are now the mainstream.

We all know someone who spends a portion of the day playing video games. However, when they want to develop their passion further, where do they go? Sports enthusiasts learn from watching their favorite athletes, and musicians learn from performers. But what outlet do gamers have to learn from?

Well, some of them watch YouTube:

74% of gamers say they watch YouTube videos to learn how to get better at a game.

—— Google report 2019.

YouTube was not designed for gamers

Despite being the de-facto place for uploading content, YouTube is a generic platform that is not optimized for gaming. It doesn’t cater to the learning needs of gamers or creators. It lacks specific learning features that give gamers the chance to hone in on what they need. And for creators who make an effort to create high-quality content, the chance to profit from their efforts is almost non-existing.

Then why gamers continue to use it? YouTube may well be the best choice among all substandard options out there. But still, with billions of players and hundreds of millions of creators worldwide, the growing need for purpose-built gaming and skill-sharing platform is long overdue. The market has reached a point of maturity that deserves its own vertical solution. At Gamestry we are up to seize this opportunity.

There’s a huge market up for grabs

It happens all the time: specialized platforms emerge whenever markets become large enough and current platforms can’t serve their users’ needs. Take, for example, StubHub the concert-ticket retail specialist. The site managed to clutch substantial amounts of revenue away from what was at one time eBay’s domain, by bringing trust and reliability to the market. Or just think of what AirBnB did to Craigslist. It is the same playbook all over again.

After successful stories like this, it’s no surprise that specialized platforms continue to emerge. Gamestry has huge potential for similar success. We offer a specialized platform for a market of gamers with a drive to learn and improve their performance, as well as those who create great content on how to best play those games.

The success of passionate gamers

Video games are a mainstream phenomenon, promoted fundamentally by younger generations, among whom gaming has become a proxy for pride and social status.

  • Content creators of the gaming community need a trusted platform to flaunt their own, high-quality content, and profit from it through multiple channels.
  • Gamers need an innovative digital video platform which provides high quality, up to date content that’s tailored to their needs.

Both need a place that’s solely dedicated to video games and meet these specific criteria. That’s what Gamestry is, and that’s what we do.

I hope these words have shed some light on the very basics of “what Gamestry is about”. The next post on the series will focus on the problem — mostly from the creator side — and later cover our proposed solution to tackle their struggles.

First published on February 15, 2020