Radio Lanza

A show that wants to inspire and encourage entrepreneurs to launch their projects. Also, an excuse for us to geek out on a weekly basis, and share our strong, controversial opinions around the products we love.

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🎙 Radio Lanza is a podcast co-hosted by Jimmy Flores and Marc Collado.

We want to encourage entrepreneurs to launch their projects. In each episode, we share personal experiences on how to turn ideas into products, creating a structured educational toolkit along the way.

The show seeks to inspire future entrepreneurs in their next venture while sparing them some of the mistakes we’ve personally made. We do it through interviews with insightful guests, dissecting nerdy topics, but above all, sharing our controversial opinions around the products we love.

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The backstory

When you meet Jimmy Flores for the first time, you remember. He is definitely not somebody who goes unnoticed. I met Jimmy Flores in the fall of 2016. And truth be told, I met him with a mixture of astonishment and skepticism.

Back then I was the Campus Manager at Ironhack and he joined our global team as Content Marketing Manager. The distinction is subtle but important. Despite he would be working from the Barcelona Campus, I didn’t hire him. He was part of the remote workforce that constitutes Ironhack’s global team. Curiously enough, the one I’m currently working with.

At a glance, he is this big, tall, Mexican-looking guy, featuring flashy tattoos spreading all across his arms and hands. On top of that, add a strong, confident voice seamlessly switching between English and Spanish. Undoubtedly, an impressive picture.

And no joke, you don’t mess around when you meet Jimmy Flores for the first time.

From that first impression I would have never foreseen that, in a not so distant future, he would become one of my best friends — and my co-host, but more on that later.

Fast forward two years, Ironhack and Barcelona strengthened our relationship and kept us close. Unfortunately, by the end of 2018, I got the news. Jimmy was moving to Mexico with his wife (and dog) to pursue a professional opportunity.

It was not an unexpected announcement. For a long time, I knew he wanted to cross the Atlantic. But I must confess, now that he is gone, for the first time in my life I have experienced how it feels like to miss a friend.

That being said, this is not a dismal story. Not at all. We have stayed in touch, more than ever. What is more, we have fully embraced the Chinese proverb that goes along these lines…

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

In other words, we went the Jimmy Flores way — all-in.

After two years living in the same city, we had to wait for more than nine thousand kilometers and seven hours between us to launch a podcast together.

Radio Lanza

Say “hi” to Radio Lanza 👋

Radio Lanza was born out of natural selection. A survival of the fittest of sorts in a world full of random ideas Jimmy and I had been bouncing around. From, a weekly satire around Product Hunt picks; to a master plan to make me run for mayor in Barcelona. Yes, these are the ideas Jimmy constantly comes up with.

We ended up settling for something more realistic in the intersection of our personal interests and the potential to make a meaningful contribution to our audience.

In our (still) short-lived careers, we both have amassed a lot of professional experience. Launching our own projects and working on early stage, high-growth startups. Yet approaching them from radically opposed ends of the spectrum.

  • He is the creative, I’m the analytical.
  • He is the visionary risk-taker, I’m the rational optimist.
  • He will launch before it is ready, I won’t launch until it is perfect.

The yin and yang.

At the same time, we both have a deep passion (and strong opinions) around products, technology, design, and all the geeky stuff in between.

Long story short, we realized that we were already having these amazing conversations over the phone. Discussing new business ideas, entrepreneurship, and products we love. What is more important, we were (well, he was more) willing to share them with the world.

So we thought…

Why don’t we start a podcast where we can share our personal experiences on “how to launch your business idea step-by-step”, so we can help our audience avoid the mistakes we’ve made?

This is how Radio Lanza came to be.

A show that wants to inspire and encourage you to launch your new project. Also, an excuse for us to geek out on a weekly basis, and share our strong, controversial opinions around the products we love.

Welcome to Radio Lanza.

First published on June 12, 2019