🎧 Jimmy Flores and I just launched a new podcast: say hi to Radio Lanza

Radio Lanza

A podcast with Jimmy Flores and Marc Collado

Radio Lanza is a podcast co-hosted by Jimmy Flores & Marc Collado. In each episode we share our personal experiences on how to launch your own business idea — so we can guide and help our audience avoid the mistakes we've made.

In a nutshell, a show that wants to inspire and encourage our listeners to launch their new projects. But also an excuse for us to geek out on a weekly basis. Interviewing amazing guests, dissecting hot topics, but above all, sharing our strong, controversial opinions around the products we love.

To know more about the podcast, you can visit the official website or directly subscribe to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast player.

The show notes! Readers familiar with Radio Lanza might already know that I derive almost as much pleasure crafting and curating the show notes as I do co-hosting the podcast itself. Maybe the whole podcast venture is just an excuse to write down and structure our own words in a bullet point fashion.

Either way, below you will find the aforementioned show notes for each episode. Plus a nice embedded player, just in case you want to get fancy and upgrade to the ultimate listening experience while reading them.