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Keyless access management for mobile devices

iomando technologies

In 2011, upon graduating from college, I co-founded iomando technologies — a startup pioneering keyless access management for mobile devices. Which in plain English means opening doors and other stuff with your phone. Late in 2017, the company ended up acquired by Citibox, that integrated iomando's technology into their core product — the smart mailboxes.

At iomando, we cared about our product and our users' experience beyond what most would consider unreasonable. Even in the early days, we understood that investing in having the best product would eventually become a unique asset and the enabler of a thriving business.

iomando updates

Here is a recollection of all the release notes and product updates. Right from the very first 1.0, minor .1s, up to the latest 3.0, upon which the company was acquired.