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The ultimate gamers' learning community

In 2020, after almost five years of pure Ironhack delight — first establishing Barcelona' operations from the ground up; then later on, in 2017, setting up the global product team — it was about time for me to retreat back to the very definition of early stage.

Gamestry has allowed me to help countless players improve their gaming skills. We've achieved such a feat through an Esports platform for pro coaches to publish engaging and educational material; creating a healthy community of learners, and ultimately turning their passion for games into a sustainable lifestyle.

Kick-starting a product from "nada" is a daring endeavor. However, building something that has never been tried before on top of emergent grounds — such as Esports — makes things even more exhilarating.

From coding the first API controller, hiring the first developers and designers, up to scaling the entire product team. Here's a recollection of all the insights behind the making of Gamestry's product.