A video platform community for gamers

A video platform community for gamers

In 2020, after almost five years at Ironhack — first establishing Barcelona' operations from the ground up; then later on, in 2017, setting up the global product team — it was about time to retreat to the early stage. On this occasion, the leap was even more daring. It was not only an industry I knew nothing about but also a product class I had never dealt with.

Kick-starting a product from "nada" is always a challenging endeavor. However, building something that has never been tried before on top of emergent grounds — such as Esports — makes things even more exhilarating.

⚡️ Highlights

  • Joined as early as employee #1 to "define" Gamestry's product
  • Built and launched the first version of the product
  • Hired, scaled, and led both the product and engineering teams
  • Raised a seed round of 5M€ from international VCs
  • Went from 0 to 3 million MAUs (as of January 2021), growing almost 100% MoM

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Gamestry is a video platform where creators can make a living out of their passion. A place designed and optimized around and only for gamers. Below you'll find some posts about industry insights and the experience of building the product, raising capital, and scaling teams.