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Things I've Done

Despite work doesn't fully capture the essence of this page — since it aims to showcase both companies I've been professionally involved with, but also random side projects of mine — I must admit, I couldn't find a better signifier.

Before you jump in though, here's a little bit of context on some of the projects:

  • iomando: in 2011, upon graduating from college, I co-founded iomando technologies — a startup pioneering keyless access management for mobile devices. We built a really cool product and ended up acquired by Citibox in late 2017, which integrated iomando's technology into their core product — the smart mailboxes
  • Ironhack: in 2015, after a short-lived, failed attempt to take a sabbatical, I decided to switch gears and pursue another passion of mine and joined Ironhack to change the way we learn about technology. First as the Campus Manager in Barcelona, establishing the city operations from the ground up, and later on as a Product Manager.

Oh, and by the way, reach out if come up with a better (ideally less than five-letter) name that more accurately describes this page 😅