Can't Hurt Me

Life is a mind game

The mind is the most powerful tool we have. Nonetheless we are barely using a fraction of its potential. The mind is way more powerful than we think it is — and we can train it.

The same can be said about the capabilities and limits of the human body. We can endure further, become stronger, but we prefer to seek comfort and avoid pain.

Along these lines, if we push ourselves, both physically and mentally, we’d find a self we didn’t know it even existed.

📍 Calisthenic mind: train the mind, endure pain.

Buddha said that “life is suffering” — pain and suffering are inevitable. Yet in order to avoid it, we seek comfort, endless entertainment and distractions to recreate this illusion of busyness.

Motivation is bullshit — be in a mission

Motivation won’t get us far. We might be motivated the first week, but what happens when we have to go for a run this windy night of February? We’ll jump back to the sofa and think that “never mind, I’ll do it tomorrow”.

The ones who start tomorrow, never start. It is so easy to plan from the comfort of our sofa… everybody climbs mount Everest from their comfy apartment, yet few are the ones who endure the pain to go through the mission. Instead of being motivated, make your life commitment to pursue greatness.

Here are some tips to persist and face difficult times:

  • Cookie jar: celebrate small goals and remember past victories
  • Compound: make small commits that increase over time
  • Engage and activate the sympathetic system
  • Ask yourself why are we here for

In short, you’re either getting better or worse — start from zero, learn something new, don’t get comfortable, and you’ll certainly end up in a better place.

Prove everybody wrong

Be in a mission — outperform, impress, and overachieve. Make everybody notice, your friends, your boss, your colleagues, and see how far you can go.

Your family and closest friends will discourage your from pursuing your goals or fulfilling your “mission”. Because they want you to be “safe”, they want you to stay “on track”, they want “the best” for you.

But who are they to decide what’s “the best” for you?

Fear of failure and our own success terrifies them because, if we succeed, our light reveal the imaginary boundaries and limits they’ve set for themselves.

What if — you can’t find peace without going to war with yourself

Why are we here for? Shoot for more than you even thought was possible — imagine that when you die, you are confronted with God. God has two books: one with they story of what we’ve been, a recap of the live we’ve lived; and another that tells the story of what we could have achieved if we had lived up to our full potential.

Make your resolution to exceed God’s expectations. Make God to “write more lines” on the book about what we could have been. Surprise God to the point where s/he says “I didn’t see that coming, I didn’t even think he was capable of that”.

First published on February 07, 2020