20.38: Random Thoughts of the Week

ℹ️ This is not a newsletter, nor is it a weekly update one can expect to be delivered every Sunday. These are just random thoughts or ideas I come across and pin down during the week.

Found on the “news”

  • This week has been mostly about the Apple Event. All my thoughts here.
  • Oh, no, there’s more. Game changer. Notion now supports in-line sub-pages. Quote from the changelog: before, sub-page links had to be their own standalone content blocks on their own lines. Now you have the option to nest a sub-page right inside a paragraph.

Things I’ve shared

  • This wasn’t Big Sur’ week. Not yet. However, one doesn’t need an excuse to geek out with the system preferences.
  • Speaking of preferences. I’ve always thought there should be a hidden toggle (buried five levels deep under the Settings > Accessibility menu, don’t care) that defers your update cycle until the .1 comes out. This week I learned that Apple has, for years, implemented a better, subtler approach to do precisely that.
  • A priori not sure how to feel about resonating with most of this Nerd Urban Dictionary set of words.
  • If only I could play Factorio on that, I might even consider buying one.

Things I was into

The modern mind is overstimulated and the modern body is understimulated and overfed. Meditation, exercise, and fasting restore an ancient balance.

Random thoughts

  • 🎲 Why most of the classic board games haven’t been “upgraded” with AR capabilities? Think of the potential applications and the enhanced experience. Picture a (say, trivial, chess…) board with an AR-enabled mobile device placed on top of a tripod in front of each player. The AR layers a new “world” on top of the board that only the player sees, but still both devices are interconnected. You keep the offline experience and adds a set of features that are literally not possible in “our reality”.
  • 🔍 The marketing team of Elastic is one of the more undervalued assets out there. Listen to any conversation around an application lacking the search feature. Rest assure it will inevitably end up with the random guy next to you claiming “easy, just implement Elastic Search and you’re good to go”.
First published on September 20, 2020