Now — Mid 2019

Mid 2019 does away with Training and features a brand new Learning section — kickstarting with no other than the Feynman Lectures 🤯. Other topics include Radio Lanza and a more mindful approach to reading.


Jimmy Flores and I just launched a new podcast: Radio Lanza. You can read the story of how it came to be in the this post and links to each episode can be found in its dedicated page.

Despite the mic will get a lot of love during this period, I will also be revamping the way book summaries are presented at Writing summaries out of my notes after reading a book is a good habit. I want to make the most out of this content, so readers can benefit from a better experience.


Every year I usually enroll in a course around a topic I’d like to explore. Here are examples from 2016 (WebDev — Rails), 2017 (Data analytics) and 2018 (again, WebDev — React).

This year, though, “I don’t feel like course”. Yet there is a topic I want to explore further: physics.

Back in college, I hated physics. Nowadays I find myself devouring books, papers, or anything I can put my hands on that speaks physics. Several friends have recommended the Feynman Lectures — I will (re)start my structured physics journey with them.


If you’ve read a book in a week, you haven’t “read it”, at all.

This was a friend’s reaction when I mentioned I was aiming to read a couple of books per month during Early 2019. Then he went on…

You don’t go cover to cover and call it a day. A book is not a closed entity living in isolation. It contains a mesh of references you ought to explore, endless opportunities to learn beyond the book itself. It should persuade you to discover new ideas, otherwise, you are not truly “reading it”.

…and he has a point.

For this reason, during mid 2019, I will slow down my reading efforts and focus more on “reading” the ones I couldn’t handle from Early 2019. Plus I will revisit my all-time favorite Sapiens, but embracing this mindful approach, savoring each page 😋

First published on May 01, 2019