Now — Early 2019

This year will start by consolidating and doubling down on the 2018' themes: training, making — i.e. coding, and reading; but with a slightly different focus.


Keeping up with the obsession goal of running a marathon under three hours. The next stop, after missing the 3h15min mark — just by 39 seconds — in Valencia, will be the Sevilla Marathon on the 17th of February and my hometown’ Barcelona Marathon on the 10th of March.

Both Sevilla and Barcelona should be clocking somewhere between 3h10min and 3h15min, the closer to the former, the better.


A growing discontent with note-taking apps has recently gotten all my attention, to the extent that I’ve decided to create my own thing.

I’m still not sure where this is going. It could end up nowhere with “yet another” note-taking app, finding out it simply can’t be done. Or maybe, just maybe, creating an amazing product that solves all my note-related pains.

What I do know is that it might become one of the most delightful side-projects I have ever worked on and that I’ll be having the time of my life building it.


I want to keep on reading a couple of books per month, but also reinstate the practice of publishing my book notes — even if they aren’t extremely polished.

Early 2019, these will be my eight (+1) book pickings:

First published on January 01, 2019