is Live

After more than 300 commits and six months in the making, the new is finally live. Besides the announcement, this post should also serve as the must-read, cautionary tale for all the things that are still not fully baked.

If you are reading these lines, rest assured, because you are certainly reading them in the new 👏

Well, long story short, after more than 300 commits, six months in the making, and five years of hosting at Squarespace, is finally going solo: moving to a new place accompanied by a new partner. Oh! And if you feel like the short story was not enough, you can, of course, read the whole thing and the reasons why I’m doing this in here.

But let’s get back to why this is great news. As you start to navigate around the place, I hope you’ll notice that the new features nicer fonts (thanks, IBM Plex), the color palette is more pleasant to the eye (thanks, Irene), and overall, the content structure makes more (and will undoubtedly make more, and more, in the future) sense.

Most important, it also means that everything is accurately developing according to the plan I outlined in the summer. Precisely, at this very moment, executing on the third step: sunsetting Squarespace.

Which brings us to the not that good news, and the reason why it is important that you keep reading if you want to safely navigate this website and ultimately avoid the path of the unhappy, randomly bounced visitor.

As a reminder, the third step of the plan consisted in releasing the Gatsby-based site (this one) live at domain by the end of Q4 2018 (checked), while still migrating the remaining content from Squarespace.

These dates are relevant because the entire move of all the archive (all the things I’ve written during the lasts five years) won’t be completed until Q2 2019 (currently at about ~30%), so you can expect a few broken links here and there. But wait, do not despair, all the content is still accessible at Squarespace, and because I’m trying to honor the URL mappings, if you simply change the root domain, it should all be fine 😅.

Another important remark is that I’m improving the way the /about section works, and it is not fully backed, yet. I’m aware that one of the most visited URLs at has always been /iomando. It was kind of a landing page within the site that explained the whole story behind the company, cover to cover, from foundation to acquisition, from three different perspectives: business, design, and technology.

The new /about page will feature more side-projects of mine while improving on the experience of the current ones, but again, I’m still working on it and I’m afraid it won’t be fully operational until early next year.

So, to wrap this up:

  1. First of all, my sincere apologies for all these inconveniences while navigating the place. I feel a little bit like the impudent host that organizes a dinner party and still has the house under construction… and I’m aware, that the lack of completion is absolutely on me. But it is also true that I wanted to release the thing as soon as possible. Because on one hand I’m extremely excited about it, but on the other, because I wanted to gather as much feedback as I could early on.
  2. Keep in mind that all the old content is still live at Squarespace. So, if you get a nice 404, most of the time, just changing the root domain and maintaining the URL should do the trick.
  3. If you came here to know more about iomando, your best option right now is to visit Squarespace. I assume the /about section in the new will be live early next year.

Finally, and most important, thanks for visiting the place and if you have tips, suggestions, feedback… anything, do not hesitate and send those my way. You’d be surprised by how many things I’ve learned, fixed and improved just by random readers reaching out on the Internets 🙂

First published on December 08, 2018