iomando Door Status

Introducing iomando Door Status, a new technology that will allow every admin to check, at any given moment, in real-time, their door status.

ℹ️ This post was originally published on November 2013 on the official iomando blog and it announced the first major update of our product.

A few months ago, the introduction of our last major product release, iomando 2.0, brought along, among other features, a redesigned interface, passwordless login, support for multiple doors, and location-based permissions.

Right after the release, we launched a minor update that also brought the praised ability to instantly push and sync changes to mobile devices.

There was yet another feature though, that was appointed for 2.0 release, and we had in mind from the very beginning. Unfortunately, we didn’t deliver on time because there were some technical problems we couldn’t get our heads around.

After almost six months, today we are introducing Door Status: a new technology that will allow every admin to check, at any given moment, in real time, their door status.

Door Status is the logical extension of having each door connected to the Internet and the first feature of a new class of services, beyond opening doors, that we will be rolling out in the next months.

SAAS At Its Best

At that point, you might be wondering how come iomando knows whether the door is opened or not since we haven’t installed an additional sensor in there.

And you’d be right: checking the door status is definitely dependent on a hardware thing. Not the kind of update you wake up within the morning and “it just works”.

Fortunately, Door Status is something we had in mind since we started sketching iomando 2.0, so in a way, we already thought about that.

Alongside iomando 2.0 we also introduced a new hardware and the commitment to update all our existing customers’ units, at no additional charge.

Since April, we’ve completely updated every single deployed device, thus all of our customers’ doors are already running on the latest hardware — this is huge, a massive operational effort coordinated across all our national partners.

Ultimately this is why we believe SAAS models are superior when it comes to delivering the best customer experience because this kind of operations wouldn’t just be possible under “one-shot” payments.

Door Status

Ok, so SAAS is cool and everybody’s on the latest hardware version, great, but what this has to do with Door Status?

Glad you asked, because the new version of iomando’s electronic units are already equipped with everything you need to start using Door Status.

This means that in order to enable Door Status in your access we will need to install the sensors, but no new electronic unit will be required.

Then the next steps: your iomando installer will bring to your place the sensors required to enable Door Status technology. The is really easy, some early beta testers that have already been testing it, report that they can be installed in less than 10 minutes.

In other words, you don’t need to do anything at all: your installer will reach out to schedule an appointment for the installation.

First published on February 23, 2014